I have planned to develop a series of artworks by a concept I have called A, B, C. Something like blue, yellow and red. This series have to do with attacking the space, finding an auto- multi functional and auto-multi disciplinary artwork, integrating architecture. A design for an art without restrictions in terms of space and shape, whether if it’s bidimensional or tridimensional. The pieces are associated with the colors blue, yellow and red. Figurative forms are not important, they’re not the reason for the artwork. The key is to stand before the «big picture», and see the art expression as a result of the conjunction of disciplines, a mean to reflect art itself as an independent form without limitations.

Characteristics of the artistic process:
-Production of plain color images or stripes in an organized space.
-Trademark of images and color.
-Elemental aesthetics, pure and simple.
-Synthetic visual language as consequence of artistic process.
-Visual impact prevails over conceptual reading.

A = Blue = Architecture

B = Yellow = Design

C = Red = Art